Acharya Academy has started in 2000 and completing its so many years successfully. Every year we achieved different goal and developed our group and activity . We have the activities for development of students logical scientific and social aptitude . we also conduct the programmes  to develop the personality of student .From 2007 we entered in the field of defence career entrance exams  . We Started our first batch of NDA entrance exam with only six students . we got 100% success in written exam . All the six candidates got the SSB call . Four students cleared the SSB interview and got the merit . Three students actually joined NDA and one got merit out.

From 2007 we have never looked back as almost in every exam we are having our atleast one student in first 335 students out of 6  lacks  candidates  appearing for the exam . Getting first 335 candidates after crossing all the hurdles is really big achievement  . We have given 100% results in written exam almost every time . Our next target is to achive 100% result in SSB

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