NDA preparations after 10th

Many a times, it is seen that opportunity just moves away from our hands just because we don’t hit the ball in time. The same thing happens with a student of 12th standard.

Majority of the students don’t decide their goals at the initial stage. They themselves get confused about the selection of career path or get carried away by the false mentors of the

Society. They can be either their relatives or friends. But one thing should be clear in your mind that the path chosen by you must be travelled by you alone. So You have to face that. Always prepare for NDA after 10th.

One needs to be clear in one’s thoughts and decisions. If you fix your itinery in advance you can enjoy the journey. Similarly, if you want to see youself in armed forces,start preparing for the same from 10th itself.

Few tips:

1) Develop reading skills.

2) Keep yourself updated with latest current affairs points.

3) Practise a lot.

4) Keep yourself fit and fine through various exercise and outdoor games.

5) Do smart work rather than hard work while studying.

6) All the subjects should be thoroughly studied.

7) Revise the  concepts of  each subjects.


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