THE IMPORTANCE OF ENGLISH IN NDA- EXAM Many a student every year does write UPSC- NDA test. The students who are not so comfortable with English or English Grammar, find themselves difficult to go through .Though they might excel in the other subjects. NDA exam has various modes like Written test, SSB interview , medical and merit . To go through the entire pattern one has to clear written test which is of 900 marks. Out of it , 200 marks are given to ENGLISH completely. So, you can now understand the weightage of this subject. To get good score in English , one needs to be good at its all sides i.e Grammar, vocabulary and Reading part. There are actually 2 categories of students . 1) who ignore English as it seems very esay to them though in reality, it isn’t to them ( They are poor in grammar ) 2) who really feel fear of English though their concepts might be clear . Both the category students can’t solve english paper correctly and become the prey of the test in reality for nothing. To come out of this, Here are some suggestions for the students who really want to join NDA. 1) Read a lot and get the speed of reading.2) Prepare vocabulary on daily basis 3) Get grammatical approach clear in mind and practise a lot for it.4) use short techniques to answer the question correctly.5) Find out your own skills in which you are good at to solve variety of questions.6) Do give answer confidently.(Confidence comes only when you practise a lot) so, Do rigorous practice of all types of questions.7) Last but not least, Do mark answers in proper sequence.

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