11th and 12th

11th and 12th course PCMB : “ be the science student “

– personnel test system   :   “ interact with your teacher and get his personnel attention “

– stress on development of language skills   :   “ let language of the subject be your language “

– Suitable batches   :   don’t get hanged on the schedule “

– Unique concept of Alternate batch  :  “ don’t just study do something more “

– Flexible batch system  :   “ be comfortable don’t tighten your day “

And many more

We have excellent faculties for each subject. Faculties are also well experienced and post graduate or doctorate in their own subjects.

We believe in developing ability of the student to think in the given subject and hence never hesitate in giving time for that.

Language of every subject plays very important role in understanding the concepts and expressing or writing answers which appeals to everyone. We give stress on this point and take care that student will acquire the language skills.


We have two types of test patterns

  • classical paper and pen based tests – After every 15 days


  • Group across the table test – In this type we divide the batch in the groups of 5 to 6 students each. We assign the syllabus to them and ask to prepare on it. Also one hour of a day of a week is assigned to every group for every subject and student has to give the test in front of the teacher in that hour.

This compels him to study avoiding any kind of laziness and helps us to understand how the student absorbs whatever is taught to him , his method of studying the subject and we can guide the student to take himself to next level. As the faculties are experienced this one hour personnel attention helps them to read and guide the student individually which is not possible in the whole class . This safeguards his personnel egos and respect gives platform to interact with teacher personally and ask his doubts or so .


Generally 11th and 12th standard students have different college timings on different days. This may be because of practical timings or may be because of variety of subjects. Hence always college and class timings use to have clashes as a result students either bunk the class or wait somewhere till their batch timing.


We have got the solution for this “ Sutaible and flexible batch system “. Our batches will start from 2.30 pm you can join any 3 hour batch after it . e.g. 2.30 to 5.30  or 3.30 to 6.30 or 4.30 to 7.30 or the last batch 5.30 to 8.30 These timings will be suitable for any college timing.


Also it is flexible in the following way. If you have different college timings on different days then you can join different batch without any loss on different days  E.g. A student has today Phy. Practical till 4.30 pm , tomorrow Chem practical upto 3.30 then this student can join 4.30 or 5.30 batch today and 3.30 or 4.30 batch tomorrow and his own selected batch on other days. So student need not miss any lecture due to extra lectures or any other reason in the college .


We also have alternate batch system . In this we complete the work of two days in one day only. Hence instead of 3 hours per day student has to attend five hours per alternate day . This saves travelling time for off days , avails more time for self study and other activities , avoids dullness and nasty filling of boring timetables.

We also have coaching for competitive exams after 12th . We have good command for the exams like NDA , CME ,JEE , NA , Merchant Navy  etc. For details please go to respective pages