1. It includes eleven subjects hence it covers preparation of many other exams such as CET, JEE,Merchant Navy,SCRA etc.
  2. The personality development for the SSB preparations gives you many qualities such as stage confidence,communication qualities, ability to give speech, presence of mind, Ideas to teckle difficult situations,disaster management ideas,ability to influence group,exposure to camps, treks and many more.
  3. It teaches you to analize the things happening around you which is a part of study of current affairs.
  4. It helps to increase your G.K.
  5. It is a foundation of national level exams like UPSC civil services,MPSC exams, Forest Services etc.
  6. You have to study vast syllabus of NDA entrance written exam in one year only. Generally two years period is given for studying this syllabus. Hence to complete this syllabus ,you have to work patiently on daily basis which developes your ability to work more.
  7. NDA entrance preparation is best for completing study of 11th and 12th in time.Also this test takes place before even 12th Hence you get enough time for preparation of other exams.
  8. NDA exam gives importance to your academics as well as your sports abilities. Hence during preparations you can maintain your physical as well as intellectual health.
  9. For the success you need confidence in you. Preparations for this exam helps you to become confident. It teaches you to believe in what you are.
  10. The pchycological tests in this exam are very important with the help of .a good teacher in this field can show you image of your personality. So you can come to know about your strengths and weaknesses. Also the teacher guides you how to overcome weaknesses and how to strengthen your strengths more.

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